About Us

Founded in 2010, the M3I Institute’s mission thrives to maximize the contribution of individuals to the future of the businesses and organizations they work for. The M3I Supervision program is offered through our accredited centres for managers and supervisors who are looking to develop their human resource management skills in their daily practices. The M3I Institute is the result of the long and successful career of Denis Ouimet, who established, as early as 1976, the BUreau de REcherche et de FORmation en «gestion intégrée», known as BUREFOR Inc., to guide managers in developing integrated managerial practices, philosophies, and value systems.

Experienced Professionals

Developed in 2007, the M3I—Supervision program relies on the expertise of highly qualified professionals from varied backgrounds who use a didactic approach based on andragogy. It also rests on over 40 years of exhaustive work and research activities in management development, training, and organizational behaviour achieved by Denis Ouimet, who holds a Ph. D in industrial relations and expert in organizational development, as well as being the designer of the program and the main shareholder of Burefor Inc.

The M3i Approach

your managerial skills and practices using self-diagnostic tools.

your practices using better knowledge of your potential.

better techniques that will enhance your skill levels as a manager/supervisor.

these new managerial techniques into your daily supervision practices to improve overall organizational health.

Some fun facts…

13 years

of positive results and significant benefits

More than 1900

organizations and businesses served

More than 5500

participants in the program

More than 54,000

individuals / training / days

More than 27,500

hours of facilitation / coaching

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