Providing the tools you need to be more effective

The M3I-Supervision accredited centres are providing managers and supervisors with assessment tools that allow them to objectively read and interpret the profiles of people and teams.

7D Profile + Competency Mapping: Improve Your Management and Supervision Skills

Get a quantified measure of your skills. The evaluation gives a precise portrait of the improvements that should be put first.

Also effective for:

  • Defining specific profiles and threshold skill levels to fill positions
  • Knowing the level of comfort of an employee in their job
  • Targeting the most profitable training modules for you (à la carte)

Supervision Skills

Discover your strengths and your challenges relating to the 5 biggest issues of supervising.

Team profile: increasing the effectiveness of your team

Use the skills of each individual to increase the effectiveness of the entire team.

Also effective for:

  • Understanding personality types, reactions, resistance mechanisms, etc.
  • Entrusting mandates according to everyone’s natural strengths
  • Choosing the right candidates to contribute to the dynamics of the team

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