Improve your management and supervision skills

The M3I-Supervision toolkit provides managers and supervisors with assessment tools allowing them to measure and improve their own skills ability level in people management, and also allowing them to objectively read and interpret the profiles of people and teams.

7D Profile + Competencies Mapping: Improve Your Management and Supervision Skills

Get a quantified measure of your skills. The evaluation gives a precise portrait of the improvements that should be put first.

Also effective for:

  • Defining specific profiles and threshold skill levels to fill positions
  • Knowing the level of comfort of an employee in their job
  • Targeting the most profitable training modules for you (à la carte)

Supervision Skills

Discover your strengths and your challenges relating to the 5 biggest issues of supervising.

Team profile: increasing the effectiveness of your team

Use the skills of each individual to increase the effectiveness of the entire team.

Also effective for:

  • Understanding personality types, reactions, resistance mechanisms, etc.
  • Entrusting mandates according to everyone’s natural strengths
  • Choosing the right candidates to contribute to the dynamics of the team

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